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Sales researchers have recognized the importance of salesperson social media use in enhancing job outcomes. However, research that considers the influence of salesperson personal factors and the individual's work environment on the impact of social media use on such outcomes (i.e., job satisfaction and salesperson performance) remains neglected in the literature. Leveraging Job-Demand Resource (JD-R) theory, we develop a model that introduces linkages between salesperson social media use, task adaptivity, technology self-efficacy, manager trust, job autonomy, job satisfaction, and salesperson performance. Utilizing a sample of 214 business-to-business salespeople, we find that salesperson social media use positively influences job satisfaction, which ultimately affects salesperson performance. Interestingly, while we find that technology self-efficacy strengthens the relationship between salesperson social media use and job satisfaction, task adaptivity negatively moderates this relationship. Lastly, we show that organizational variable such as manager trust strengthens the relationship between salesperson social media use and job satisfaction. Implications for researchers and managers are discussed.


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