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  • Social media, CRM technology & social CRM enrich the knowledge of salespeople.

  • Social media, CRM technology & social CRM support value co-creation efforts.

  • Knowledge mediates the effects of social media, CRM technology, and social CRM.

  • Job autonomy & sales quota ease moderate the effect of knowledge on value co-creation.

  • Value co-creation increases sales performance.


This study examines the effects of salespeople's social media and customer relationship management (CRM) technology use on value co-creation through knowledge and the downstream impact on sales performance. Based on task-technology fit and self-determination theories, the findings reveal that social media, CRM technology, and their interaction support salespeople in their value co-creation efforts through the mediating role of knowledge enriched by these tools. The results indicate a significant moderating effect of salesperson job autonomy and sales quota ease in enhancing the relationship between knowledge and value co-creation. The study concludes by discussing important implications that stem from our analyses.


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