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Value get, value give: The relationships among perceived value, relationship quality, customer engagement, and value consciousness

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In today’s market, firms expect customers to not only consume their offerings, but also to market these offerings indirectly through different engagement behaviors. This study is conducted to examine factors that may drive customers to engage with restaurants. The research builds on the theory of engagement and relationship marketing literature to propose that customer perceived value (CPV) and relationship quality (RQ) are antecedents of CE. In addition, a mediated relationship between CPV and CE through RQ is examined to better understand the effects of CPV on CE. Customer value consciousness (CVC) is incorporated into the model as a boundary condition of the hypothesized positive impacts of CPV on CE and RQ. Findings demonstrate support to the relationships hypothesized. Further, the study develops the ‘value get, value’ framework to extend research on customer relationship and engagement. Findings are discussed in detail with implications for theory and practice.


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International Journal of Hospitality Management