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Sales team value co-creation in turbulent markets: the role of team learning and agility

Eddie Inyang
Omar S. Itani, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Hayam Alnakhli
Juliana White

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Value co-creation has emerged as a way for organizations to gain a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves from the competition. In the literature, a positive link has been found between value co-creation and firm performance. However, the impact of sales team value co-creation on performance has been largely unexplored. This study explores drivers of value co-creation by sales teams and its performance outcomes, with market turbulence as a contingency factor. Using a sample of 201 salespeople in 24 sales teams, the results indicate that when sales teams co-create value with customers, they can increase their sales performance. This effect is magnified when sales teams are working with customers operating in turbulent environments.