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Voces de mujeres: Migration, Family, & Identity through the Voices of Mexican Women

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Women have been an imperative part of migration history for centuries. However, it was not until recently that scholars began studying them individually. Before then, women were either not considered at all or were only considered as association migrants alongside their male companions. This diminishes their experience and their agency at each step of the migration journey. It leaves their stories untold while also establishing a swayed narrative that primarily encompasses males. Oral history is an integral part of “Voces de mujeres” because it allows the reader to hear directly from women. Through oral history I explore the reasons that women migrate from Mexico to the United States and how it impacts their identity and family life. Their testimonies illuminate a range of emotions—exhaustion, love, fear, acceptance; at the center of it is the strength of family ties. I argue that family is at the heart of their migration trajectories; from beginning to end, it shapes their stories.

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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies