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In an increasingly mobile world, be it virtual or material, we have an incredible opportunity to conceptualize this mobility as a generator of knowledge production, giving us new ways to understand embodied literacies (Johnson & Vasudevan, 2012; Schmidt & Beucher, 2018) and ultimately reimagine our world. At some point in our lives, most of us have had to move or relocate, facing new ideas, people, and places/lands. These movimientos and migrations inevitably turn our worldview upside down, blurring our realities, a phenomenon Gloria Anzaldúa (2002, 2015) calls arrebatos (earth-shattering ruptures). Arrebatos are moments in our lives when we are catapulted into deep reflection and introspection, and have an opportunity to rethink what we believe to be true about ourselves, our culture, our worldview. Thinking of these movimientos as opportunities that produce knowledge allows us to shift our thinking about diasporic peoples of the world.


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