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This study investigates the feasibility of centrifugal spinning for producing fibrous membranes containing pullulan, chitosan, and danshen extract. The danshen extract is composed of 20 wt% salvianolic acid B (SA). Citric acid was added to the mixture as a crosslinking agent to promote its use in the aqueous medium. The influence of the danshen concentration (25 wt% and 33 wt%) on fiber morphology, thermal behavior, and the biochemical effect was analyzed. Developed fiber-based membranes consist of long, continuous, and uniform fibers with a sparse scattering of beads. Fiber diameter analysis shows values ranging from 384 ± 123 nm to 644 ± 141 nm depending on the concentration of danshen. The nanofibers show adequate aqueous stability after crosslinking. Thermal analysis results prove that SA is loaded into nanofibers without compromising their structural integrity. Cell-based results indicate that the developed nanofiber membranes promote cell growth and are not detrimental to fibroblast cells. Anticancer studies reveal a promising inhibition to the proliferation of HCT116 colon cancer cells. The developed systems show potential as innovative systems to be used as a bioactive chemotherapeutic drug that could be placed on the removed tumor site to prevent development of colon cancer microdeposits.


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International Journal of Biological Macromolecules


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