Testing and modeling of an in situ shear exfoliated 2D nanocomposite coating casing material for the suppression of Li-ion battery fires in electric vehicles

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A two-dimensional nanocomposite coating material, a mixture of dragon skin®(DS) (flame-resistant silicone elastomer and hexagonal boron nitride(hBN) (DS/hBN), was applied on the traditional polycarbonate battery casing material to study its effect on flame retardancy. A micro-batch mixer was used to simultaneously exfoliate hBN nanosheets from bulk layered hBN raw materials and disperse these nanolayers into both dragon skin polymer precursor and curing agent. Standard ‘UL94 Flammability Test’ protocol was followed to measure the flame retardancy of the prepared coating. The test showed enhanced flame retardancy in horizontal and vertical tests for DS/hBN sample as compared to the DS sample, which followed the trend found in numerical simulation. Additionally, the mechanical strength of DS/hBN-coated battery casing material remained intact even after prolonged flame exposure. This opens the door for manufacturing of low-cost hBN coating for robust electric vehicle battery casings.


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