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In the study herein, an alternative mathematical model was developed with the intention of understanding the dynamics associated with the instabilities generated by an UAV and its delivery system, particularly the coupled nonlinearities of the system, and thus provide feedback to optimize drone design. In this regard, a Newton-Euler methodology was adopted to establish the parameters of the equations of motion of the target UAV system, which consisted of a combination of a platform and delivery system operating simultaneously. Specifically, the UAV platform was modelled as a rigid body which accounted for a total of six-degrees-of-freedom, three corresponding to the linear (position) directions of the system, and three correlative with the rotational (attitude) directions, thus elucidating drone maneuverability during operation. In this context, the delivery system, attached to the center of the UAV platform, was simultaneously modelled to account for oscillation patterns relative to a single coordinate of the platform, as well as the payload of the package unit. The response of the UAV and its delivery system was captured by imposing various initial conditions, while a power spectral density function was approximated to elucidate the dynamic characteristics of the drone.


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Proceedings of the ASME 2023 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition





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