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  • Successful synthesis of AIP/PVA composite fibers using Forcespinning® techniques.

  • Optimization of the operating parameters applying response surface methodology (RSM).

  • Fabrication of mesostructured gamma alumina and highly crystalline alpha alumina fine fibers.


Aluminum isopropoxide and poly(vinylalcohol) fine fibers were successfully fabricated and optimized utilizing the response surface methodology. The optimized composite fibers showed mean fiber diameter of 304 nm. The fiber samples were calcined at different temperatures to attain both gamma and alpha phases of alumina. Various characterization methods including scanning electron microscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, x-ray diffraction and nitrogen adsorption/desorption analysis were conducted. The BET analysis revealed a surface area of 261 m2g-1 for the mesoporous gamma alumina structure. Statistical analysis of electron microscopy micrographs showed a mean fiber diameter of 272 nm for the crystalline alpha alumina fine fibers, calcined at 1200 °C.


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Microporous and Mesoporous Materials





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