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The application of nanofiber technology in the biomedical field has garnered significant interest due to its potential to revolutionize areas such as tissue engineering, wound healing, and antimicrobial treatments. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the recent advancements in nanofiber technology, particularly focusing on electrospinning and 3D printing methods that enable the fabrication of scaffolds mimicking the native extracellular matrix. These technologies have facilitated the development of nanofibers with high surface-to-volume ratios, adjustable porosity, and enhanced mechanical properties, tailored to meet specific biomedical needs. Despite their promising features, challenges such as the optimization of pore size for effective cell infiltration and the mechanical robustness required for hard tissue regeneration remain. The review also explores the evolution of sustainable polymers from natural resources, highlighting their potential to create biodegradable and biocompatible scaffolding materials. Future directions emphasize the need for cross-disciplinary collaboration to overcome current limitations and scale production from laboratory to industrial levels. The ongoing research and development efforts aim to refine the properties of nanofibers to achieve optimal performance in clinical applications, underlining the dynamic and evolving nature of this field.


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