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Quality control (QC) in manufacturing processes is critical to ensuring consumers receive products with proper functionality and reliability. Faulty products can lead to additional costs for the manufacturer and damage trust in a brand. A growing trend in QC is the use of machine vision (MV) systems because of their noncontact inspection, high repeatability, and relatively low cost. This paper presents a robust MV system developed to perform comparative dimensional inspection on diversely shaped samples, including additive manufacturing products. The algorithm used performs dimensional inspection on a base product considered to have acceptable dimensions. The perimeter, area, rectangularity, and circularity of the base product are determined using blob analysis on a calibrated camera. These parameters are then used as the standard with which to judge additional products. Each product following is similarly inspected and compared to the base product parameters. A likeness score is calculated for each product, which provides a single value tracking all parameter differences. Finally, the likeness score is considered on whether it is within a threshold, and the product is considered to be acceptable or defective. The proposed MV system has achieved satisfactory results, as discussed in the results section, that would allow it to serve as a dependable and accurate QC inspection system in industrial settings.


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