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Computer simulations complement and extend the real-world components of industries and manufacturing organizations. Teaching simulation-based tools helps students in modeling and analyzing the behavior of real time systems. With the increased demand observed in products and technology consumption, manufacturing industries are evolving to embrace new technologies and initiatives. To keep the emerging workforce technically competent in current tools to understand and interpret manufacturing processes, this paper portrays an effort by the authors in introducing SIMIO i.e. a tool on Simulation of intelligent objects to undergraduate students at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and in understanding the influence of using a hands-on tool to stimulate student learning. With the help of SIMIO, students were introduced to the concepts of Basics of Simulations, Logics and Methodologies, Developing Simulation Models, Analysis of Simulation Data, applications to Industrial and service system designs. To understand student learning and the grasp of the concepts discoursed during the course, Natural Language Processing techniques have been used to qualitatively measure concept association by the students.


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