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This paper elaborates on the development of laboratory project modules in the Industrial manufacturing and systems engineering department at The University of Texas El Paso based on Four-Dimensional (4D) printing technology. These modules are aimed at introducing the students to interdisciplinary manufacturing and emerging dimensions in manufacturing technology. 4D printing is a new dimension in additive manufacturing wherein, the 3D printed structures react to the change of parameters within the environment such as temperature, and humidity, resulting in shape change or in functionality such as electricity output, and self-healing. Recently 4D printing of simple devices for pressure sensors application were identified and show high feasibility for commercialization due to low cost, freedom of design, and agile manufacturing process. This enables a high interdisciplinary platform for research and project modules suitable to be used in the academic environment for hands-on students training. Laboratory Modules based on 4D printing of pressure sensors is developed for student training that includes: 1) Design of piezoelectric nanocomposites; 2) 3-D model design of pressure sensor devices; 3) Using 3-D printers for 4-D printing, and involved post-processing techniques by which students can experience emerging manufacturing technologies, and; 4) Testing for piezoelectric properties.

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2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition





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