Remanufacturing Processes, Planning and Control

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This chapter provides a summary of critical issues in remanufacturing process and its planning and control. The chapter starts with an introduction of the special characteristics and the associated problems in remanufacturing. Typical remanufacturing processes such as cleaning, testing, and disassembly are then discussed in details. The chapter also provides a discussion of process sequencing for product disassembly to minimize cost and energy consumption. Due to stochastic nature in the material arrival process, production planning represents another main challenge for remanufacturers. Based on a case study of a business in Austin TX, a simulation model with a prioritized stochastic batch arrival mechanism, considering factors that affect the total profit, is also discussed. The chapter also presents a genetic algorithm (GA) algorithm to optimize the production planning and control policies for dedicated remanufacturing.


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pringer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, vol 90