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In recent time, manufacturing environment are bracing higher end technologies to achieve high productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Due to the adoption of the sophisticated technologies, the system is becoming very complex and stochastic. Moreover, the manufacturing system is interconnected among its different subsystems and components, which cannot be described only through the theoretical explanation. Here, computer simulation can be integrated to design and visualize the stochastic and complex system. This paper uses the advantage of simulation to describe a series classroom activity using SIMIO software, which are deployed in industrial systems simulation course in the University of Texas at El Paso. Besides, the authors show a noble approach to demonstrate the simulation using the virtual reality (VR) technology in Unity platform. Integration of these simulation based classroom activities provide three-fold benefit to students’ learning process; (1) it provides an effective way to evaluate the design and operational performance of manufacturing systems, (2) students can experience the real time situation by imitating a manufacturing environment, and (3) it motivates the students to be engaged in the classroom activities besides learning the theoretical knowledge.


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2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference Content Access, Virtual On line





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