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In this paper, a new integrable two-component system, mt=[m(uxvx−uv+uvx−uxv)]x,nt=[n(uxvx−uv+uvx−uxv)]x, where m=u−uxx and n=v−vxx, is proposed. Our system is a generalized version of the integrable system mt=[m(u2x−u2)]x, which was shown having cusped solution (cuspon) and W/M-shape soliton solutions by Qiao [J. Math. Phys. 47, 112701 (2006). The new system is proven integrable not only in the sense of Lax-pair but also in the sense of geometry, namely, it describes pseudospherical surfaces. Accordingly, infinitely many conservation laws are derived through recursion relations. Furthermore, exact solutions such as cuspons and W/M-shape solitons are also obtained.


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