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In this paper, we prove the global Hadamard well-posedness of strong solutions to a non-isospectral two-component cubic Camassa-Holm system in the critical Besov space B2,11/2(T). Our results show that in comparison with the well-known work for classic Camassa-Holm-type equations, the existence of global solution only relies on the L1-integrability of the variable coefficients α(t) and γ(t), but nothing to do with the shape of the initial data. The key ingredient of the proof hinges on the careful analysis of the mutual effect among two component forms, the uniform bound of approximate solutions, and several crucial estimates of cubic nonlinearities in low-regularity Besov spaces via the Littlewood-Paley decomposition theory. A reduced case in our results yields the global existence of solutions in a Besov space for two kinds of well-known isospectral peakon system with weakly dissipative terms. Moreover, we derive two kinds of precise blow-up criteria for a strong solution in both critical and non-critical Besov spaces, as well as providing specific characterization for the lower bound of the blow-up time, which implies the global existence with additional conditions on the time-dependent parameters α(t) an γ(t).

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Journal of Differential Equations



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