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In a recent paper, Garber, Gavrilyuk, and Magazinov [Discrete Comput. Geom., 53 (2015), pp. 245--260] proposed a sufficient combinatorial condition for a parallelohedron to be affinely Voronoi. We show that this condition holds for all 5-dimensional Voronoi parallelohedra. Consequently, the Voronoi conjecture in $\mathbb{R}^5$ holds if and only if every 5-dimensional parallelohedron is combinatorially Voronoi. Here, by saying that a parallelohedron $P$ is combinatorially Voronoi, we mean that $P$ is combinatorially equivalent to a Dirichlet--Voronoi polytope for some lattice $\Lambda$, and this combinatorial equivalence is naturally translated into equivalence of the tiling by copies of $P$ with the Voronoi tiling of $\Lambda$. We also propose a new condition which, if satisfied by a parallelohedron $P$, is sufficient to infer that $P$ is affinely Voronoi. The condition is based on the new notion of the Venkov complex associated with a parallelohedron and cohomologies of this complex.


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