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In this chapter, some recent advances in the area of generalized Weierstrass representations will be given. This is an approach to the theory of surfaces in Euclidean three space. Weierstrass representations permit the explicit construction of surfaces in the designated space. The discussion proceeds in a novel and introductory manner. The inducing formulas for the coordinates of a surface are derived and important conservation laws are formulated. These lead to the inducing mechanism of a surface in terms of solutions to a system of two-dimensional Dirac equations. A set of fundamental forms as well as expressions for the mean and Gaussian curvatures are derived. The Cartan moving frame picture is also formulated to put everything in a broader perspective. A connection with the nonlinear sigma model is presented, which has important applications in physics. Some relationships are established between integrable systems and geometry by way of conclusion.


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Manifolds II - Theory and Applications



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