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The study of diferentiable manifolds is a deep an extensive area of mathematics. A technique such as the study of the Ricci flow turns out to be a very useful tool in this regard. This flow is an evolution of a Riemannian metric driven by a parabolic type of partial differential equation. It has attracted great interest recently due to its important achievements in geometry such as Perelman's proof of the geometrization conjecture and Brendle-Schoen's proof of the differentiable sphere theorem. It is the purpose here to give a comprehensive introduction to the Ricci flow on manifolds of dimension two which can be done in a reasonable fashion when the Euler characteristic is negative or zero. A brief introduction will be given to the case in which the Euler characteristic is positive.


Published in Advances in Mathematics Research. ISBN: 978-1-53612-371-5

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Advances in Mathematics Research

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