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In the present paper, we are concerned with the tau function and its connection with the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KP) theory for the massive Thirring (MT) model. First, we bilinearize the massive Thirring model under both the vanishing and nonvanishing boundary conditions. Starting from a set of bilinear equations of two-component KP-Toda hierarchy, we derive the multi-bright solution to the MT model by the KP hierarchy reductions. Then, we show that the discrete KP equation can generate a set of bilinear equations of a deformed KP-Toda hierarchy through Miwa transformation. By imposing constraints on the parameters of the tau function, the general dark soliton solution to the MT model is constructed from the tau function of the discrete KP equation. Finally, the dynamics and properties of one- and two-soliton for both the bright and dark cases are analyzed in details.


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