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We investigated a physical system for unsteady blood flow and solute transport in a section of a constricted porous artery. The aim of this study was to determine effects of hematocrit, stenosis, pulse oscillation, diffusion, convection and chemical reaction on the solute transport. The significance of this study was uncovering combined roles played by stenosis height, hematocrit, pulse oscillation period, reactive rate, blood speed, blood pressure force and radial and axial extent of the porous artery on the solute transported by the blood flow in the described porous artery. We used both analytical and computational methods to determine blood flow quantities and solute transport for different parametric values of the described physical system. We found that solute transport increases with increasing stenosis height, blood pulsation period, convection and blood pressure force. However, transportation of solute reduces with increasing hematocrit, chemical reactive rate and radial or axial distance.


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