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A fully developed laminar steady flow of an incompressible, viscous fluid in a horizontal cylindrical pipe is considered here. Flow patterns for an incompressible, viscous fluid for both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids such as shear-thinning, shear-thickening and Bingham plastic fluids are analyzed in this study. Assuming that the flow is only due to the wall shear stress and the pressure drop, the velocity component in the axial direction for these cases is derived. Computational results of the velocity profiles for various cases are obtained using MATLAB and presented in graphical forms. It is observed that the velocity profile is parabolic for Newtonian fluid whereas it is flatter for a shear-thinning fluid and sharper for a shear-thickening fluid. For a Bingham fluid, the velocity reaches a constant value known as the plug velocity in the central plug flow region, and it decreases gradually to zero at the pipe wall.

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Applications and Applied Mathematics: An International Journal (AAM)

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