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Thermo-solutal Marangoni convective assisting/resisting flow of a nanofluid with radiative heat flux: A model with heat transfer optimization

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The mixed Marangoni assisting/resisting flow of a nanofluid with thermal radiative heat flux is analyzed when thermal and solutal buoyant forces are significant. The heat and mass transfer rates are simultaneously optimized by utilizing the Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The face-centered Central Composite Design (fc-CCD) is used for the numerical experimental design involved in RSM. The sensitivities of the heat and mass transfer rates are evaluated to compare the impact of the thermal and solutal buoyant forces. Appropriate scaling and similarity transformations are utilized to simplify the problem and then numerical solutions are obtained. The nanoliquid flow, temperature, and concentration profiles are plotted for the buoyancy assisting and opposing Marangoni cases. The Marangoni flow with opposite buoyancy is found to have a greater magnitude of velocity while the flows assisted by the buoyancy have a greater magnitude of temperature and concentration profiles. Thermal buoyancy force has a predominant (0.6%) impact on both heat and mass transfer rates compared to solutal buoyancy force. Buoyancy forces are positively sensitive to heat and mass transfer rates. The thermal radiation aspect augments the temperature profile throughout the domain. The optimized mass and heat transfer rates (𝑁𝑒π‘₯= 11.6016 and π‘†β„Žπ‘₯= 3.8158) is achieved at the highest level of the buoyancy forces and ratio of Marangoni numbers.


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Z. Angew. Math. Mech.