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This work is concerned with the study of explicit solutions for a generalized coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations (NLS) system with variable coefficients. Indeed, we show, employing similarity transformations, the existence of Rogue wave and dark-bright soliton like-solutions for such a generalized NLS system, provided the coefficients satisfy a Riccati system. As a result of the multiparameter solution of the Riccati system, the nonlinear dynamics of the solution can be controlled. Finite-time singular solutions in the L∞ norm for the generalized coupled NLS system are presented explicitly. Finally, an n-dimensional transformation between a variable coefficient NLS coupled system and a constant coupled system coefficient is presented. Soliton and Rogue wave solutions for this high-dimensional system are presented as well. A Mathematica file has been prepared as supplementary material, verifying the Riccati systems used in the construction of the solutions.

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