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Evaluation of age-structured vaccination strategies for curbing the disease spread

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Age structure is one of the crucial factors in characterizing the heterogeneous epidemic transmission. Vaccination is regarded as an effective control measure for prevention and control epidemics. Due to the shortage of vaccine capacity during the outbreak of epidemics, how to design vaccination policy has become an urgent issue in suppressing the disease transmission. In this paper, we make an effort to propose an age-structured SVEIHR model with the disease-caused death to take account of dynamics of age-related vaccination policy for better understanding disease spread and control. We present an explicit expression of the basic reproduction number R0 , which determines whether or not the disease persists, and then establish the existence and stability of endemic equilibria under certain conditions. Numerical simulations are illustrated to show that the age-related vaccination policy has a tremendous influence on curbing the disease transmission. Especially, vaccination of people over 65 is better than for people aged 21–65 in terms of rapid eradication of the disease in Italy.


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Journal of Mathematical Biology