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In the present paper, an integrable semi-discretization of the modified Camassa-Holm (mCH) equation with cubic nonlinearity is presented. The key points of the construction are based on the discrete Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KP) equation and appropriate definition of discrete reciprocal transformations. First, we demonstrate that these bilinear equations and their determinant solutions can be derived from the discrete KP equation through Miwa transformation and some reductions. Then, by scrutinizing the reduction process, we obtain a set of semi-discrete bilinear equations and their general soliton solutions in the Gram-type determinant form. Finally, we obtain an integrable semi-discrete analog of the mCH equation by introducing dependent variables and discrete reciprocal transformation. It is also shown that the semi-discrete mCH equation converges to the continuous one in the continuum limit.

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