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We consider mathematical modeling of blood glucose-insulin regulatory system with the additional effect of the secreted insulin by the pancreatic beta cells and in the presence of an external energy input to such system. Such modeling system is investigated to determine the time-dependent nonlinear dynamics that take place by the quantities, which represent the glucose and insulin concentrations in the blood, insulin action as well as in the absence or presence of secreted insulin due to the pancreatic beta cells. Using both analytical and numerical procedures, we determine such quantities versus time for both diabetes patients and normal human and for different values of the parameters. We find that the nonlinear effect of the dynamics of the investigated regulatory system increases the values of the insulin action and the glucose and insulin concentrations. In the absence of the beta cells effects, which can correspond to the case of severe type 1 diabetes, the plasma glucose is higher and the insulin action and the insulin concentration are less active than the corresponding ones for the case in the presence of beta cells, which is relevant for type 2 diabetes or moderate type 1 diabetes patients. For the present system, smaller values of the parameters of the model, which represent kinetics of the glucose and insulin action, insulin sensitivity, insulin secretion enhancement and the plasma insulin decay rate, can lead to notably lower values of the glucose concentration. In the presence of the secreted insulin by the pancreatic beta cells the insulin action and the insulin concentration are more effective to reduce the blood glucose, which can help to improve the diabetes patient’s health.


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Applications and Applied Mathematics: An International Journal

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