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This paper is aimed for mathematics educators who teach algebra, more specifically, the factoring of quadratic algebraic expressions, and who want to enhance student learning of this topic using technology in conjunction with the Middle Term Splitting Method (Donnell, 2010; MTSM 2016a; MTSM 2016b). We will use technology-based algebra and geometry connections to help determine factorability or nonfactorability of quadratic algebraic trinomials over the integers, over the real numbers, and over the complex numbers, both with clarity, certainty and with understanding by using two equations, one derived from the coefficients of the outer terms and the other from the middle term of the quadratic algebraic trinomial. Overall, the efficiency of determining factorability or non-factorability of quadratic algebraic trinomials, using Cabri Geometry II Plus (or a graphing calculator) together with the MTSM, makes this topic comprehensible in a technology-rich environment.


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Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference



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