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We study the Reconstruction-of-the-Measure Problem (ROMP) for commuting 2-variable weighted shifts W(α,β), when the initial data are given as the Berger measure of the restriction of W(α,β) to a canonical invariant subspace, together with the marginal measures for the 0–th row and 0–th column in the weight diagram for W(α,β). We prove that the natural necessary conditions are indeed sufficient. When the initial data correspond to a soluble problem, we give a concrete formula for the Berger measure of W(α,β). Our strategy is to build on previous results for back-step extensions and onestep extensions. A key new theorem allows us to solve ROMP for two-step extensions. This, in turn, leads to a solution of ROMP for arbitrary canonical invariant subspaces of ℓ2(Z2 +).

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