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The purpose of this study was to investigate the graduate student’s perceptions of the effectiveness of academic coaches in asynchronous accelerated online instruction in a master’s Educational Leadership program. A mixed method research design was used to examine student satisfaction using surveys, focus student group interviews on an accelerated online master’s in educational leadership program. The sample population for this study included participants from former and current graduate students in an Educational Leadership Master of Education program. The study is a step forward in understanding the role of instructional coaches and the support provided to students and professors in accelerated online programs. Results indicated that sample of students believed that instructional coaches needed proper credentials, experience, and training to be serve students whom they worked with. In addition, both positive and negative experiences were both reported by the sample of graduate students. Over fifty-three percent of the students reported as being Extremely or Somewhat satisfied with their Academic coach. Many expressed those Academic coaches were a supportive element in the courses in they were assigned.


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Journal of Liberal Arts and Humanities (JLAH)





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