Schoolwide Impact and AVID: How Have Selected Texas High Schools Addressed the New Accountability Measures?

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This is a study of high schools and their districts receiving Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) grants that have used those grants to support implementation of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) model. Over a 4-year period 10 such high schools in 5 districts have been examined to determine if schoolwide or district-wide accountability measures have improved over the period of study, compared to non-AVID high schools and districts. Selected sets of data are presented as the focus of this study, and include graduation or completion rates, advanced course enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP) results, and number of students graduating on advanced graduation plans. Researchers found that AVID had affected the performance profile of the school by leveraging success of disaggregated subgroups of students, particularly African American and Latino students, as well as students from lower income families.


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Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR)