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We provide timing solutions for 45 radio pulsars discovered by the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope. These pulsars were found in the Green Bank North Celestial Cap pulsar survey, an all-GBT-sky survey being carried out at a frequency of 350 MHz. We include pulsar timing data from the Green Bank Telescope and Low Frequency Array. Our sample includes five fully recycled millisecond pulsars (MSPs, three of which are in a binary system), a new relativistic double neutron star system, an intermediate-mass binary pulsar, a mode-changing pulsar, a 138 ms pulsar with a very low magnetic field, and several nulling pulsars. We have measured two post-Keplerian parameters and thus the masses of both objects in the double neutron star system. We also report a tentative companion mass measurement via Shapiro delay in a binary MSP. Two of the MSPs can be timed with high precision and have been included in pulsar timing arrays being used to search for low-frequency gravitational waves, while a third MSP is a member of the black widow class of binaries. Proper motion is measurable in five pulsars, and we provide an estimate of their space velocity. We report on an optical counterpart to a new black widow system and provide constraints on the optical counterparts to other binary MSPs. We also present a preliminary analysis of nulling pulsars in our sample. These results demonstrate the scientific return of long timing campaigns on pulsars of all types.


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