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Magnetic nanoparticles show remarkable phenomena such as superparamagnetism, high field irreversibility and high saturation magnetization [1]. The study of magnetic nanoparticles has been a very active research field due to many important applications such as drug delivery, imaging and hyperthermia cancer treatment [2]. Hyperthermia has been used for many years to treat a wide variety of tumors in patients and used as well as an adjunct to cancer radiotherapy or chemotherapy [3,4]. Its use is based on the fact that tumor cells are more sensitive to temperature in the range of 42–45°C (which yields necrosis, coagulation, or carbonization) than normal tissue cells. This temperature range has become critical for cancer treatment due to damaging the cancerous cells without altering the healthy cells by selective heating (up to 45°C) and controlling heating rate and time.


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