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This report describes recent progress on APEX, a free, open source, cross platform set of EXAFS data analysis software. In a previous report we described APEX 1.0 (Dimakis, N. and Bunker, G., 1999), a free and open source code suite of basic X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) data analysis programs for classical data reduction and single scattering analysis. The first version of APEX was the only cross platform (linux/irix/windows/MacOS) EXAFS analysis program to our knowledge, but it lacked important features like multiple scattering fitting, generic format conversion from ASCII to University of Washington (UW) binary-type files, and user friendly interactive graphics. In the enhanced version described here we have added cross-platform interactive graphics based on the BLT package, which is an extension to TCL/TK. Some of the utilities have been rewritten in native TCL/TK, allowing for faster and more integrated functionality with the main package. The package also has been ported to SunOS. APEX 2.0 in its current form is suitable for routine data analysis and training. Addition of more advanced methods of data analysis are planned.


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Journal of Synchrotron Radiation





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