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We investigate the propagation of electromagnetic radiation in the magnetic dual chiral density wave (MDCDW) phase of dense quark matter. Considering the theory of low-energy fluctuations in this phase, we show how linearly polarized photons reaching the MDCDW medium couple to the fluctuation field to produce two hybridized modes of propagation that we call in analogy with similar phenomenon in condensed matter physics axion polaritons, one of them being gapless and the other gapped. The gapped mode's gap is proportional to the background magnetic field and inversely proportional to the amplitude of the inhomogeneous condensate. The generation of axion polaritons can be traced back to the presence of the chiral anomaly in the low-energy theory of the fluctuations. Considering the Primakoff effect in the MDCDW medium, we argued that axion polaritons can be generated inside quark stars bombarded by energetic photons coming from gamma-ray bursts and point out that this mechanism could serve to explain the missing pulsar paradox in the galaxy center.


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Nuclear Physics B




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