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In this paper we calculate the speed of sound for three phases that may exist inside a magnetized hybrid neutron star at different density regions: A hadronic phase at low densities, quark-matter in the magnetic dual chiral density wave (MDCDW) phase at intermediate densities and a free-quark phase modeled by the MIT bag model at higher densities. It is found that the speed of sound exhibits a non-monotonic behavior, that goes from values smaller than the conformal limit ( c 2 s < 1 / 3 ) in the hadronic phase, to peak ( c 2 s > 1 / 3 ) in the MDCDW phase, to finally reach the conformal limit ( c 2 s ∼ 1 / 3 ) at higher densities for quarks in the MIT bag model. Also, the anisotropic speed of sound in the presence of a magnetic field is derived from first principles. This is a consequence of the anisotropy in the system's pressures produced by the breaking of the rotational symmetry in the presence of a magnetic field. The role played by the lowest Landau level contribution in affecting the speed of sound in the magnetized phases is discussed.


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Nuclear Physics A





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