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Ring laser gyroscopes (RLGs) based on non-Hermitian exceptional points (EPs) have garnered much recent interest due to their exceptional sensitivity. Such gyroscopes typically consist of two-ring laser resonators, one with loss and one with an equal amount of optical gain. The coupling strength between these ring resonators is a key parameter determining the sensitivity of EP-based RLGs. Here we explore how the exceptional sensitivity demonstrated in this coupled dimer may be further enhanced by adding more dimers in an array. Specifically, we propose two types of ring laser gyroscope lattice arrays, each composed of N coupled dimers arrayed serially or concentrically with periodic boundary conditions, that guide counter-propagating photons in a rotating frame. Using coupled mode theory, we show that these lattice gyroscopes exhibit an enhanced effective coupling rate between the gain and loss resonators at the EP, thereby producing greater sensitivity to the angular rotation rate than their constituent dimers. This work paves the way toward EP-based RLGs with the necessary sensitivity for GPS-free navigation.


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