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We investigate the effects of a magnetic field on the thermodynamics of a neutron system at finite density and temperature. Our main motivation is to deepen the understanding of the physics of a class of neutron stars known as magnetars, which exhibit extremely strong magnetic fields. Taking into account two facts, (i) the existence of a pressure anisotropy in the presence of a magnetic field and (ii) that the quantum field theory contribution to the pressure is non-negligible, we show that the maximum value that the inner magnetic field of a star can reach while being in agreement with the magnetohydrostatic equilibrium between the gravitational and matter pressures becomes 1017 G, an order of magnitude smaller than the previous value obtained through the scalar virial theorem; that the magnetic field has a negligible effect on the neutron system's equation of state; that the system's magnetic susceptibility increases with the temperature; and that the specific heat 𝐢𝑉 does not significantly change with the magnetic field in the range of temperatures characteristic of protoneutron stars.


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Physical Review C





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