Mapping the propaganda and activity of “The Trinity of Terror” in the European context

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The “trinity of terror" – salafi-jihadism, right-wing and left-wing terrorism - have been feeding on each other’s propaganda, strategy and means, in a symbiotic relationship. Strategical enemies at surface, the three become rhetorical allies through a mutually reinforcing hate speech, using fear to divide communities and gain new members. The current terrorist threat in Europe has evolved beyond the general ideological classification, creating the need to use a different set of spectacles to understand the generic and context-specific dynamics of the violent radicalization among individuals and groups. The traditional perspective of analysis based on radicalization causes and patterns, multiple trajectories, effects, and consequences should be adapted to a new understanding of terrorism as a transcending phenomenon. The current research proposal aims to map, underline, and explain the evolution of the relation between the three ideologies’ speech and their symbiotic relation in and beyond the European geographical, social, political, and cultural context.

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Redefining Community in Intercultural Context RCIC’22