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Purpose – This paper aims to bridge the conceptual gap between the competitive intelligence domain and the current digital transformation and adaptation to the new values, norms, requests and expectations of Industry 4.0. Starting with the theoretical and chronological background attributed to the current developments, the following pages proceed to developing the argument that the Competitive Intelligence domain has become an imperative for the whole process of decision-making involved in Industry 4.0, applied to all businesses, disregard their status, domain, or turnover.

Design/methodology/approach – Adopting a multidisciplinary perspective, the paper uses both a theoretical and practical approach to the main concepts involved: Competitive Intelligence, neuro-technologies, Industry 4.0. While defining those central concepts and presenting the chronological evolution of the economic domain, it also provides examples of key tools and their application in the current Digital Era.

Findings – The current times are marked by a process of transition from digital transformation to digitization in almost all global businesses. The transition to digitalization affects the entire organizational ecosystem by integrating with digital solutions the value chain of global business. While the paper limits itself to setting the stage for future research, it still provides a valid range of theoretical knowledge and pragmatic applicability of the discussed concepts in the context of the current developing global reality.

Originality/value – Beyond the theoretical and chronological analysis, a valuable content of this paper is the discussion of innovative tools within the domain of competitive intelligence and neuro-technologies to enhance the adaptability to rapidly changing conditions, the agility in decision-making and the flexibility to redesign the existing strategies based on pertinent analysis of a great influx of information

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