Central-Local Government Coordination During the COVID-19 Response: A Case Study Analysis of Jordan and Morocco

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This study seeks to understand the coordination of national and subnational governments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan and Morocco. Utilizing a case study analysis strategy, this study provides a better understanding of the governmental response to the COVID-19 crisis in light of the relationship between the national and subnational levels of government. The examination of the two case studies, namely, Jordan and Morocco, was conducted through a document analysis strategy that implemented the READ approach. The results illustrate that pandemic management occurred through coordination between the central government, which is responsible for formulating response policies, and the subnational government, which is responsible for implementing these policies. Jordan formulated and institutionalized its response to the pandemic through the activation of Defense Law No. 13 of 1992. The governorates and municipalities worked together to implement the defense orders. Similarly, the government in Morocco established national response policies, and the local and territorial levels were responsible for executing these policies.

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Lex localis - Journal of Local Self-Government