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Morocco’s Path to a Moral Democracy

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The past five years have seen many countries in dramatic upheaval, moving toward democracy. But, more than just structure has to change for democratic governance to be moral.
There two approaches to change, evolutionary and revolutionary, that can have dramatic effects on how long the changes last or not and can even affect the constructive or destructive nature of the transition. This paper argues that Morocco has been in evolutionary change toward structural democratic governance since its independence in 1957, but the rise of the Arab Spring in 2011 gave it significant jolt for implementing the values of a moral democracy. However, the transition is incomplete. For example, it remains the task of the various political parties to pass the laws necessary to implement the changes articulated in the new 2011 constitution. And, it remains the challenge of the King, to not overreach the powers he has retained. The Arab people have spoken the cries for justice, liberty, freedom and dignity. They have not and will not be silenced. Morocco has demonstrated that, while it may be slow, the evolutionary way of implementing democratic change is a more peaceful transition.

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Global Virtue Ethics Review