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An emerging body of literature seeks to design, implement, and analyze best practices in service-learning at undergraduate universities. What scholars have not examined as well as service-learning as applied to students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI's). Given that students at such universities are in unique learning environments, there is a question of how well standard practices in service-learning apply to HSI students. This paper presents the analysis of two semesters’ worth of service-learning requirements in an Introduction to American Politics course at an HSI in Texas. Using the feedback provided by the students on the final course evaluations, I conclude that the current pedagogy applies reasonably well to students at HSI’s, but there are certain areas in which pedagogy should be adjusted to reflect the unique aspects of students at HSI’s, such as accounting for the socioeconomic needs of HSI students.


Original published version available at doi.org/10.1080/15512169.2022.2116710

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Journal of Political Science Education





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