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Border walls have become part and parcel to corporate strategies to garner profits in the new era of post-911 insecurity. Combined with pre-911 agribusiness, service industry and other corporateindustrial expansion including encouraging the “ongoing” recruiting of undocumented cheap labor, the twin corporate policy directives are achieving profits at the expense of the people migrating from Latin America. Building on previous work, the authors analyze the problems created by corporations, complicit government agencies and elected officials in terms of maintaining a status quo that effectively exploits communities from both sides of the US/Mexico border. Policy alternatives are developed, offered and examined to alleviate the continuing misery that affects people living on both sides of the border using critical and postmodern theoretical frameworks.


Originally presented at the American Society for Public Administration 2017 Conference Atlanta, Georgia March 17-21, 2017. Session: Social Equity, Economic Integration, and Political Responses to Immigration Issues between Mexico and the United States.

Senate hearing: https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/hearings/03/27/2017/fencing-along-the-southwest-border

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Maryland Journal of International Law



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