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The study of unconscious information processing mechanism is very important to the development of the science of human consciousness. By studying unconscious processing and comparing it with consciousness processing, we can better understand the ways unconsciousness works and the origin of conscious processing. The scope and limitations of unconscious processing have been discussed for more than a century, but no consensus has been reached for a long time. Some researchers believe that the scope of information that unconscious processing can reach is very limited, and only simple stimuli can be processed unconsciously, while others believe that any types of information can be processed unconsciously. Although the hypothesis that the scope of unconscious processing is equivalent to that of the conscious processing remains to be verified, with the deepening of the study of the unconsciousness, the idea that unconscious processing is limited to simple types of information is questioned. The papers included in this Research Topic “The Depth and Complexity of Unconscious Processing” provide some new evidence with respect to the complexity of unconscious processing. Here, we first present a brief overview of the contents of the present research topic.


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