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Anxiety Assessment and Treatment in Typically Developing Children

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Anxiety disorders are highly prevalent in youth and have been associated with difficulties in adolescence and adulthood. The field has responded with empirical investigations of assessment methods and therapeutic interventions. This chapter highlights some considerations in the assessment and treatment of childhood anxiety disorders as well as the strengths and limitations of commonly used intervention assessment tools. The need for easily accessible, consumer-friendly, and effective interventions for childhood anxiety disorders is paramount, and much of the intervention research has focused on the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for the treatment of childhood anxiety disorders. While cognitive behavioral treatments vary in terms of emphases, therapy formats, and populations targeted, most cognitive-behavioral therapies share common elements including psychoeducation, exposure, cognitive restructuring, parent training, relaxation, modeling, and self-monitoring. These techniques have been packaged together to treat a variety of anxiety diagnoses, and empirical support for treatment of each disorder is reviewed within the chapter. Future research considerations are discussed.


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Handbook of Autism and Anxiety. Autism and Child Psychopathology Series