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Prejudice Regarding Latinx-Americans

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Despite the growing immigrant and native-born Latinx population in the United States, the documentation of Latinx experiences of oppression, prejudice, and discrimination is limited in the field of clinical psychology. The lack of information on multiracial, sexual minorities, and older Latinx populations is most pronounced. This chapter focuses on the research that has been done to document the prevalence of self-perceived discrimination and the deleterious effect of microaggressions on the mental health of Latinx individuals. In addition, this chapter emphasizes the lack of Latinx representation in professional domains and the growing need for social justice training in clinical psychology graduate programs. Recommendations are provided for assessing and conceptualizing experiences of oppression, prejudice, and discrimination for Latinx populations. Furthermore, this chapter argues that other fields of psychology have developed models and guiding frameworks that can help clinical psychology become more responsive to the needs of Latinx students, faculty, and clients.


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Prejudice, Stigma, Privilege, and Oppression