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An Internet-based self-change program for traumatic event related fear, distress, and maladaptive coping

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This study compared the efficacy of an Internet-based, 8-week self-help program for traumatic event-related consequences (SHTC) (n = 13) to a wait-list (WL) condition (n = 14). The SHTC consisted of cognitive–behavioral modules that progressed from the least anxiety-provoking component (i.e., information) to the most anxiety-provoking (i.e., exposure). Participants were those who had experienced a traumatic event and had been experiencing subclinical levels of symptoms associated with the event. Participants mastered the material in each module before proceeding to the next module. Pre- and post-treatment assessments revealed that SHTC participants decreased avoidance behavior, frequency of intrusive symptoms, state anxiety, and depressive symptoms, and increased coping skills and coping self-efficacy significantly more than WL participants. SHTC participants demonstrated more clinically significant improvement than WL individuals.


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J. Traum. Stress